Bitdefender Total Security 2012 90 days FREE

Bitdefender are offering everyone a free 90 day trial version of their flagship product,Bitdefender Total Security 2012.

Key features of Bitdefender Total Security 2012

Defends against viruses and spyware
Gives advance warning of risky websites
Halts ID theft attempts
24/7 credit monitoring with real-time alerts
Filters the links you receive from your Facebook and Twitter friends
Online Backup

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Grab one year license of Zemana Antilogger

I had written about a Zemana Antilogger promo last year

Now there is a new 1 year promo for Zemana Antilogger thanks to and

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Grab free one year License key of Emsisoft Mamutu in co-operation with Emsisoft are organizing a giveaway for Emsisoft Mamutu from which everyone can get a free 1year license.

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Immunize your browsers with SpywareBlaster

One of the most important rules in safe surfing is not to click on unknown links.

Many malicious websites have domain names which sound almost exactly like genuine ones.

If a user is not very careful, he may click on a fake link and his PC may get infected or his browser may get hijacked and redirect to more malicious links.

SpywareBlaster may help you in preventing browser hijacks.

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Block unwanted P2P connections with PeerBlock

Have you ever downloaded torrents? and suddenly became aware of the creepy feeling that someone is stalking you, I mean tracking your IP address.

PeerBlock is an open source program that can help you block those trackers who might catch you unawares. Keep reading

Comodo Firewall version 5 released

Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. have released a new version of their popular security softwares. If you are a user of Comodo version 4, I recommend that you update to version 5 as soon as possible to make use of the latest protection available. Keep reading

LastPass password manager

I have written about Keepass password safe, an open source password manager, but it works on only on the computer that you have installed it on. What if your computer crashes?

That would be a terrible situation huh? With no way to recover your last passwords. Well, let me tell you that LastPass Password Manager can be a real life saver.
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Avast! Free Antivirus review:

Many anti-virus softwares are available for free on the internet today.
Some of the most popular ones are Avast, Avira and AVG.
Avast! Free Antivirus is possibly the lightest when it comes to consuming resources and speedy scans. Keep reading

Zemana Antilogger 3 year license for everyone

Zemana Antilogger is a very popular commercial Anti keylogger program.
Now you can get a 3 year subscription for Zemana, and its free.

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Best Free Password Manager: Keepass

I have numerous mail and social networking accounts and remembering all the passwords is a real pain.
Well, here is what i do to manage it all from one place. Keep Reading