Google Instant: Search as you type

Google search is now more faster, even faster than you can type, thanks to Google Instant

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Xmarks: A bookmarking addon for browsers

Remembering all your favorite websites is no easy task.
And what happens when you uninstall your browser or reinstall the operating system and lose all of your data?

What if you could save a copy of your bookmarks online and could access it from anywhere? Thats just what Xmarks does 🙂
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LastPass password manager

I have written about Keepass password safe, an open source password manager, but it works on only on the computer that you have installed it on. What if your computer crashes?

That would be a terrible situation huh? With no way to recover your last passwords. Well, let me tell you that LastPass Password Manager can be a real life saver.
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Enhance your Firefox Security with some powerful add-ons

With the recent release of FireFox 3.6.3 coming barely a week after the release of FireFox 3.6.2, users may be well aware of Security threats. Phishing scams, malware attacks, browser hijacks are among the few things that pop to my mind as i write this.

So, is FireFox 3.6.3 secure enough? Well, what if it isnt? Are there other ways i can protect my browser and my PC?

A short answer, Yes and here is how. Keep reading