Install Gmail 4.2 on 4.0+ devices [Root required]

Before we proceed let me mention two things, firstly your device needs to be rooted for this procedure. And make sure you backup your file or ROM before trying this.

Just download the apk from here and copy it to your sd card.

Method 1: Using Titanium Backup.

1. Open titanium Backup and locate the older gmail app.

2. Uninstall it.

3. Install the new apk using any file manager.

4. Go to your homescreen and press the menu button and select Manage Apps > and locate Gmail and clear the Cache.

5. Open Gmail and the newer version should work.

Method 2: Using a Root File manager.

1. Navigate to /system/app and locate Gmail.apk or find it in /data/app

2. Rename it to Gmailbackup.apk

3. Copy the new Gmail.apk to the same folder and reboot your device.


Install Android 4.2 Play Store on your device

Download Google Play Store 3.9.17 from

1. Copy the Phonesky.apk to your SD card and install it from your file manager as a normal apk.

2. Open the Play store and check if it works.

3. If it doesn’t, navigate to Manage Apps>Google Play Store, and clear the cache

4. Open the app again, it should work.


Best Video Players for Android Phones

Here is a list of the best video players for Android. I have reviewed them after testing the apps on my phone. I have written a small description for each app and analyzed their features as Pros/Cons. Enjoy 🙂

BSPlayer lite:

From the developers of the PC video player of the same name, their Android counterpart excels in playing almost all video formats. Couldn’t play .MOV files. The install Size is about 11mb, and requires an additional codec (6mb)

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Best Launcher apps for Android Phones

Are you bored with the stock Launcher app on your Android phone? I am with you, I got bored with the default launcher and have used many alternative launchers. So, which one is for you?

Here is a list of free Launcher apps that will help you 😉

ADW Launcher

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Best free QWERTY keyboard apps for Android

One of the most used apps on Android phones is the keyboard. There are several free and paid keyboards available at the Android Market and some are available from the developer’s website. So which keyboard is for you?

Here is a list of free keyboard apps that you can use on your Android phone

A.I.type Keyboard (Beta)

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Best Weather Apps/Widgets for Android Phones

Here are some of the most popular weather widgets and apps for your Android phone.

Animated Weather

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