Install Android 4.2 Play Store on your device

Download Google Play Store 3.9.17 from

1. Copy the Phonesky.apk to your SD card and install it from your file manager as a normal apk.

2. Open the Play store and check if it works.

3. If it doesn’t, navigate to Manage Apps>Google Play Store, and clear the cache

4. Open the app again, it should work.


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2 Responses to Install Android 4.2 Play Store on your device

  1. Matt Notovitz says:

    I dont know if this will apply to all, but you might have to change permissions also after you install it.

    • ashwingeek says:

      Permissions have to be changed if you manually copied the apk to /system/app. You have to set it to rw-r-r. You’ll have to reboot the phone after changing the permissions.

      The normal install method worked for me though.