Grab free one year License key of Emsisoft Mamutu in co-operation with Emsisoft are organizing a giveaway for Emsisoft Mamutu from which everyone can get a free 1year license.

Developer’s description:

Monitors live all active programs for dangerous behavior (Behavior Blocking).
Recognizes new and unknown Trojans, Worms and Viruses (Zero-Day attacks), without daily updates.
Small but very powerful. Saves resources and does not slow the PC down.

Visit the promo page and scroll down to “Grab your copy” and click on it.

You will be taken to a trial-pay webpage with a form, which you need to fill-up.

Click on continue & click on place my order.

The license coupon code will be displayed in your browser. Make a note of it as the coupon code will not be sent at your email

You have to register the coupon code before 30 days or it will expire.

Visit the Emisoft user area : and click on sign-up.

After you finish registration, login to your account and click on “Manage Licenses” on the Left hand side, enter the coupon code and click on convert.

You can download Emsisoft Mamutu from:

Image Courtesy: Emsisoft

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