Immunize your browsers with SpywareBlaster

One of the most important rules in safe surfing is not to click on unknown links.

Many malicious websites have domain names which sound almost exactly like genuine ones.

If a user is not very careful, he may click on a fake link and his PC may get infected or his browser may get hijacked and redirect to more malicious links.

SpywareBlaster may help you in preventing browser hijacks.

It is a free software that can immunize your browsers from loading bad websites, this is not a general method used by anti-virus products.

SpywareBlaster is an infection prevention software and not an anti-virus.

Apart from protecting your browser, it also prevents malicious programs from being installed on your computer.

The best part is, it does not have to run all the time. Its almost like an install-and-forget software.

I say almost, because you need to update it manually.

JavacoolSoftware usually release a database update for SpywareBlaster once in 15 days or a month.

Apart from that, you don’t even have to run the software at all.

Developer’s description:

SpywareBlaster provides protection for the following browsers:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
and browsers that use the IE engine, including:
AOL web browser
Avant Browser
Slim Browser
Maxthon (formerly MyIE2)
Crazy Browser

General features:

SpywareBlaster can also take a snapshot of your system,so in case your PC gets infected, you can rollback to a previous safe snapshot point.

SpywareBlaster comes with a few useful tools:

IE browser pages: view and edit homepage and search pages of Internet Explorer

Hosts Safe: Create a backup of hosts file or restore a backup in case of emergencies.

Misc IE settings: View and edit few IE settings (Disabling option to change homepage,)

Flash killer: Completely block flash content in IE.

Custom blocking: You can add a list of activeX controls that you like to block.

SpywareBlaster is free for personal & educational use.

You can opt to upgrade to the Pro version to get auto-updates.

Try SpywareBlaster and start surfing safely

Safe browsing tips:

1. If you are browsing a website to make an online purchase, or online banking etc, check the address bar of your browser. A genuine banking/online transaction website should begin with “https:” , secure protocol. Fake banking sites/Phishing sites will not have that, they will begin with “http:” , just like normal websites.

2. Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer users may also like to try WOT as an option for safe surfing.

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