Block unwanted P2P connections with PeerBlock

Have you ever downloaded torrents? and suddenly became aware of the creepy feeling that someone is stalking you, I mean tracking your IP address.

PeerBlock is an open source program that can help you block those trackers who might catch you unawares.

PeerBlock started where PeerGuardian left off.

And its a big hit I tell you, a post in July 2010 their homepage claims 1 million downloads served. Well its December now and I am pretty sure the numbers must have increased.

Q: What exactly does tracking an IP address mean and how is it harmful?

All computers have a unique Internet Protocol address which they use to communicate with websites, servers, etc for displaying content in your browser, files you download etc.

Anything and everything you do on the internet is done through your IP address.

A brief explanation about downloading torrents:
The computers which share the file by uploading are called “Seeders” and the ones downloading it are “Leechers”.
i.e, Seeders act like servers from which Leechers get the file. Downloading from peer-to-peer, p2p

Not all peers are nice, some may be hackers, or some false companies which upload fake copyrighted material to “trap” downloaders.

PeerBlock can you help you avoid such nasties, simply by running in the background.

Just run it before you open utorrent (or any other file sharing software that you have) and start downloading files and it will automatically block all bad connections

I took the above screenshot while I was browsing so most of them aren’t exactly bad IPs, just some big companies that may track users

It can block Anti-P2P organizations, Spyware servers, Ad servers, Educational institutions, etc

You can use the default list that is provided by peerblock or you could add new ones from , use caution while adding lists manually.

If you download torrents , you should definitely add PeerBlock to your existing arsenal

PS: PeerBlock will not hide your ip, it just blocks communication with the bad ones.
So you can still be tracked. Its just a precaution against the known ones.
And it is not an antivirus/ anti malware.
Always make sure you have an anti-virus running in realtime while you are connected to the internet

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3 Responses to Block unwanted P2P connections with PeerBlock

  1. Avinash says:

    Yes its good but most users take it as a granted defense while downloading torrents. As you pointed out, even after using it, you can be tracked and this most users are not aware of. 🙂

    • ashwingeek says:

      Yes Avi, its not a complete protection.
      There are a few vpns which provide P2P support and hide the ip, but I think they are payware

      PeerBlock is sort of a firewall for P2P 🙂

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