Auslogics Disk Defrag: An outstanding free defragment tool

Yesterday I wrote about how to defrag profile database to speedup the startup time of FireFox. Today I will talk about defragging your Computer’s Hard disk.

With each passing day, your computer becomes slow to respond, files are slow to load, computer reboots very slowly, even Windows explorer or My computer will take a few seconds to load. This is due to the fragmentation of files. And to fix this you need to defragment your Hard disk.

Defragmenting is a process in which files are stacked together in a neat manner avoiding blank spaces between files, enabling them to be accessed quicker.

Windows has a built in defragment tool, but it is quite slow,not very effective

Fortunately,there is an excellent freeware defrag tool called Auslogics Disk Defrag.

The developer’s description of the features available in Auslogics Disk Defrag:
* Optimizes file system
* Consolidates free space
* Can defrag automatically
* Provides flexible scheduler
* Can defrag a single file or folder
* Supports multi-terabyte volumes
* Has a VSS compatible mode

This is the main interface of Auslogics Disk Defrag

There are two main options to defrag the computer:

1. Defrag – which is something like quick defrag, most commonly accessed files,docs etc

2. Defrag and optimize – defrags the entire hard disk. slower than the first one

You can choose to defrag a separate drive of your hard disk or all of them at once, I have 4 drives and I usually defrag them at once.

You can also defrag individual files or folders, check the drive for any errors and fix them

The settings tab has options to change the “language” of the interface and some other options, minimize to tray etc. I recommend leaving them as it is.

Defrag Priority can be set to Low, normal or high. Normal is enabled by default which should do fine

The Advanced tab in the interface is quite confusing, with both the options being nothing more than ads for Auslogics Boost Speed and Auslogics Antivirus

Perhaps one of the most useful features is under the view tab, “Auto Defragmentation”. It is not enabled by default, you can enable it by checking the box in the screen.

If you find your PC to be running slow try Auslogics Disk Defrag.

If you want to run “Defrag and Optimize” and you have a lot of files, run it overnight. You could check the box to “Turn off PC after defragmentation” to save power. Run it once a week to have ensure smooth performance of the PC

Fragmentation isn’t the only cause of a slow PC. Malwares, spywares, viruses could be the culprit too. Make sure you have an antivirus installed at all times and keep it updated

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