Google Instant: Search as you type

Google search is now more faster, even faster than you can type, thanks to Google Instant

So what exactly is Google Instant and how can it help me ?

As the title of this post suggests, Google Instant delivers search results as you begin to type in the key words. Might save us a few precious seconds.

Read the following which I have quoted from Google’s official blog:

Google instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type.


  • Faster Searches: By predicting your search and showing results before you finish typing, Google Instant can save 2-5 seconds per search.
  • Smarter Predictions: Even when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, predictions help guide your search. The top prediction is shown in grey text directly in the search box, so you can stop typing as soon as you see what you need.
  • Instant Results: Start typing and results appear right before your eyes. Until now, you had to type a full search term, hit return, and hope for the right results. Now results appear instantly as you type, helping you see where you’re headed, every step of the way.

The following video explains what Google Instant is all about:

“As part of our current rollout, Google Instant will become the core search experience on for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 8. We’ll also be offering Google Instant to our users in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and the U.K. who are signed in and have Instant-capable browsers. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll work to roll out Google Instant to all geographies and platforms.”

I am not in one of the above mentioned countries, can I use Google Instant ?

You sure can. I am in India and I managed to test it

Here is how, instead of typing in the address bar of your browser, type

Ncr stands for no country set. And you dont even have to sign in to use this feature

Here is a screenshot. I typed in “what” and the grey letters are the example of  what Google instant does, it auto-fills the search term and displayed the results as I was typing.

You dont have install any special software to use this. It works on your browser and uses javascript.

Official information and Video courtesy Google

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3 Responses to Google Instant: Search as you type

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  2. I turned Google instant off. They annoys & creeps me out. i feel like Google is reading my head. yay!

    Also, my connection is slow – another reason for me to not use them.

    • ashwingeek says:

      Too bad that you didn’t like it, I thought this feature actually saves time.

      Here is what they say about Google Instant slowing Internet connection speed

      Q: Will Google Instant slow my Internet connection?
      A: We anticipate that Google Instant will not slow your Internet connection, and we plan to automatically turn it off for very slow connections. Even though we are serving more results pages, the additional load this enhancement creates is very small when compared to other types of web services such as streaming video and online gaming. We’ve also worked hard to minimize the amount of data that is sent and received during the search process. For example, when rendering new results as you type, we only send the parts of the page that change, without updating the static elements, such as a the page frame around the results.