Xmarks: A bookmarking addon for browsers

Remembering all your favorite websites is no easy task.
And what happens when you uninstall your browser or reinstall the operating system and lose all of your data?

What if you could save a copy of your bookmarks online and could access it from anywhere? Thats just what Xmarks does 🙂

Xmarks (formerly known as Foxmarks) is a bookmarking add-on which works on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome on Windows and Safari on MacOS.

You need to register for a free Xmarks account to start using the service. You dont have to login again into your Xmarks account for syncing your bookmarks.

Xmarks provides synchronization and backup services by securely storing your data in your Xmarks web account

If you want to use Xmarks on another browser or another computer, you just need to sign into your Xmarks account at https://my.xmarks.com

You can also restore a previous backup by logging on to the above link. Just choose the date/time of the backup which you want to restore to.

You can view, edit, add and delete bookmarks from any browser from your account.

You can edit the settings of Xmarks to auto-sync bookmarks. I recommend that you enable this option, in case you forget to sync bookmarks.

Visit this page to know more about the features of Xmarks http://www.xmarks.com/about/features/

If you are concerned about the data collected by Xmarks, read this : http://www.xmarks.com/about/privacy

Download and install Xmarks:

FireFox addon:

Google Chrome extension (and Chrome plus) :

Xmarks also has an optional feature Secure Password Sync currently available only for Firefox users. But I recommend LastPass password manager for managing passwords

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2 Responses to Xmarks: A bookmarking addon for browsers

  1. ashwingeek says:

    Glad you liked it 🙂

    Xmarks supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome for Windows and Safari for Mac.

    See this page http://download.xmarks.com/download/all

    And I am pretty sure that we wouldn’t be the first or last to wish that Xmarks could work in Opera 🙂

    I am using FireFox and Chrome with Xmarks and LastPass to sync my bookmarks and passwords.

  2. ashwingeek says:

    Yes, even I am not happy about this. I was dependent on Xmarks for syncing with Chrome & FF.

    Yet to try FireFox Weave sync or Google Sync, which in fact were the reasons of Xmarks’ untimely shutdown.

    I suppose we could also use offline bookmark backup softwares like Transmute which works with many browsers, http://www.gettransmute.com/products/
    (The standard version is free) and Mozbackup for FireFox