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I have written about Keepass password safe, an open source password manager, but it works on only on the computer that you have installed it on. What if your computer crashes?

That would be a terrible situation huh? With no way to recover your last passwords. Well, let me tell you that LastPass Password Manager can be a real life saver.

Once you have registered for a free LastPass account, you can use it to access your logins anywhere across the world.
Its like having an online backup of your passwords.

LastPass is a free online password manager and web-form filler.
It is available as an extension (addon) for popular browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome (even works in Chrome Plus), etc.

Ok, I know what you are thinking, an online password manager, that cant be safe, can it?

LastPass does not store your passwords on their server, all your account’s passwords/usernames are stored in a vault on your own computer and they are encrypted

And you need not worry about hackers, because unlike other passwords which are transmitted online for the login to be successful, LastPass stores the password on your computer and it stays there.

Just be sure to make up a strong master password that other users of your computer cannot guess 🙂

Lets take a look at the features of LastPass Free as given in their website:
One Master Password
Using multiple browsers/computers? Synchronize across them with LastPass
Store secure notes
Protect against identity theft
One Click Login
Automatically fill forms

Download and install LastPass:

For the FireFox addon, visit

For the Chrome extension visit

Read the FAQs at their support page for more:

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