Apple Safari 5.0.1 now supports extensions

Apple have released their latest version of their popular browser Safari for Windows 5.0.1

Apple’s Safari browser is one of the world’s most popular browsers.

Perhaps it is just behind FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera and of course Microsoft Internet Explorer, in terms of no.of users.

Safari would have gained popularity if did not consume an excessive amount of memory and the lack of extensions like in FireFox or Google chrome.

But the biggest change, or should I say addition, in the latest version of Safari is, it now supports extensions (addons, as known to FireFox users)

Extensions are a great way for you to add new features to Safari 5.0.1. Built by developers, Safari Extensions use the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript web technologies. And they’re digitally signed and sandboxed for improved security. You can install extensions with one click — no need to restart Safari.

Visit from the Safari browser to install the extensions that you like.

Popular FireFox and Google Chrome extensions like Adblock,Wot, Lastpass, etc are now available for Safari too.

Of course, the number of available extensions would be very few, since they have  just introduced the option for extensions in Safari

Detailed list of changes in Apple Safari 5.0.1:

* Safari Extensions
* Customize Safari with features created by third-party developers
* Find extensions in the Safari Extensions Gallery, accessible from the Action menu and

# Contains improvements to stability and security, including the following:

* More accurate Top Hit results in the Address Field
* More accurate timing for CSS animations
* Better stability when scrolling through MobileMe Mail
* Fixes display of multipage articles from in Safari Reader
* Fixes an issue that prevented Google Wave and other websites using JavaScript encryption libraries from working correctly on 32-bit systems
* Fixes an issue that could cause borders on YouTube thumbnails to disappear when hovering over the thumbnail image
* Fixes an issue that prevented boarding passes from from printing correctly
* Fixes an issue that could cause DNS prefetching requests to overburden certain routers

Download Safari from or

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