Best Free Password Manager: Keepass

I have numerous mail and social networking accounts and remembering all the passwords is a real pain.
Well, here is what i do to manage it all from one place.

Keepass is an open source password manager, which stores your login details (usernames and passwords) in a database on your computer.

Keepass is very simple to use and very reliable too. I switched to Keepass recently after using Roboform free version, which can hold only upto 10 passcards (passwords for your logins).

Surprisingly, Keepass has almost all the features of Roboform, it can hold unlimited passcards and its free.

It uses a master password, which has to be chosen during the first run.
The master password protects all your logins which get stored in your Keypass Database.

If you are a FireFox user, you will be delighted to know that there is an extension (addon) to make it compatible with Keepass. The extension is called Keefox.

Download Keepass Password Manager
Download Keefox addon

When you launch Keepass, it will prompt you for the Master password, which enables you to use your logins/create new logins.

To add an entry (login info) just select an option from the frame on the left, Email, Internet, Network, and right click on an empty space on the frame on the right and select Add Entry.

Now you have to give a title for the login entry, example: My mail account
Then give the username of the account you wish to save, example:
Now give the password that you use to login to the account, repeat the password, just to avoid errors
Finally the website’s link, URL, example:
Give a desciption if you like or just leave it blank.

Thats it, now click on ok and the login detail has been saved.
Save the database, always remeber if you added a new login entry,dont forget to save the database before exiting Keepass.

Now assuming that you have Keepass and Keefox installed, open Firefox and click on Launch Keepass from the toolbar, enter the master password to open it.

You can choose to navigate to the website manually or just click on “logins” on the toolbar.
Once the website is loaded, you will see that the toolbar will display the title of the entry that you saved. Click on it to login automatically, no typing required.

And dont forget to signout from accounts before closing your browser.


Free and Simple to use.

Keefox addon is a must have to make things easier


Manual creation of entries is a bit frustrating

No auto detection of new logins like in Roboform

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