Free Web Hosting and Blog hosting

Do you have the dream of hosting your own website or blog ?

But have always thought that maintaining it would be very expensive?

I can tell you that there are many free websites that offer free web hosting and i want to share some of them with you
Yes, this blog that im posting on is hosted by It is the most popular blog hosting service in the world, only rivaled by Blogger(Google’s Blog hosting service). Blog’s are free to use and has tons of features like themes, widgets, polls, etc. But what it lacks is Javascript, which would enhance the blog even more with powerful add-ons. Earlier, javascript was available on but they removed it due to security concerns. Advertisements are also not allowed on

An optional CSS upgrade is available providing you have the funds and the knowledge on how to use it. has even more powerful widgets called plugins, and custom themes too, but it is not free.

Visit to get your own blog
Blogger has some great features hat wordpress lacks, Javascript and Ads. Yes you can have adsense Ads on your free blogger website and earn some money while using the free blog. It also has built in widgets that you can place on your blog with ease.

Visit to get your free blog
This is a free web hosting service with some great features. It has a sitebuilder which can help you build your website with ease, tools for placing html/text, widgets, etc are very good. Embeddable forums like Nabble are also available to enhance your website.


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  1. Well, this is my very first visit here, your site provided me useful knowledge to work on. Thanks a lot!