Manage people you follow on Twitter with The Twit Cleaner

Ever wondered if you could analyse people whom you follow on twitter and sort them by their tweets.  The twit cleaner does just that and sends a detailed report that you can check and unfollow the ones whom you find boring.

Quoted from

“Here’s what The Twit Cleaner does:

Analyses the people you follow
Finds time wasters, spammers, the boring, bots etc
Creates a detailed report of everyone you’re following
Increases the authenticity of your brand or personal image (by showing discretion)
Clears up the ‘background noise’ of Twitter
Helps you focus your time & energy

The Twit Cleaner Uses Twitter OAuth NOT your password, and you can revoke access after you get your Twit cleaner report.

Just visit The Twit Cleaner and select scan me now. Authenticate access for The Twit Cleaner to read your Twitter account. If it asks you to re-run the report do it. The  Twit Cleaner makes you follow their twitter account and they follow you, just to send the scan report link via DM . You can unfollow their twitter account later if you wish.

The service is free if you are following  1000 or less. So it should be pretty useful for many people out there.

Alternate service: Does not require Twitter password or OAuth or makes you follow anyone

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