Enhance your Firefox Security with some powerful add-ons

With the recent release of FireFox 3.6.3 coming barely a week after the release of FireFox 3.6.2, users may be well aware of Security threats. Phishing scams, malware attacks, browser hijacks are among the few things that pop to my mind as i write this.

So, is FireFox 3.6.3 secure enough? Well, what if it isnt? Are there other ways i can protect my browser and my PC?

A short answer, Yes and here is how.

WOT (Web of Trust):
A very popular FireFox add-on that should be a must-have on every FireFox.
WOT displays security ratings for almost every website in the world.
Ratings are shown as color coded rings, but there is also an option for switching to color-blind mode for people with visual disability. Rings appear at the end of each link found at google search results, making it easier for the user to decide whether to visit the website or stay away from it. The ratings are based on visitor’s opinions and cannot be taken for granted.

Pros: Advises users on child-safety,privacy, trust-worthiness and vendor-relaiability.
Cons:There are some examples when known good websites are shown as “Poor” or unsatisfactory, maybe due to the biased opinions of WOT users. Doesnt work on lesser known websites
Still, it is safe to rely on the Web of Trust rather than having nothing.

PC Tools Browser Defender:
Adds a rather large button turns red when you visit websites with potential malicious content. Like WOT, Browser defender shields appear at the end of each link on Google’s search results. But unlike WOT, it is an online scanner that scans websites you visit and can be trusted safely.

Pros: Works on every website you visit.
Cons: When you hover the mouse cursor over the shield at the google search results page, the rating pop-up may stick around and annoy you unless you hover the cursor back to a rating shield.

No-script add-on:
Possibly the pick of the lot, and i wouldnt dream of using FireFox without this.
Blocks flash content,videos,ads,banners,scripts,etc

Pros: Excellent way to block malicious scripts from running.
Cons: You will find that several web pages use javascript for their forms,buttons and will keep wondering why nothing happens when you click the buttons. Most websites, blogs and forums use ads and depend on them for covering their hosting fees, so by blocking them you are actually hurting them.

Ad-block plus:
A great way to block ads. There are many languages to choose from and options to block malware domains besides the ads.

Pros : Easy to use and free.
Cons: Like No-script it also hurts webmasters when you block their ads. Rumors say that it slow down FireFox on some older computers

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