Twitter safety tips

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites and it has its ups and downs. As you may know, a Twitter account just like any other web account can be exploited by hackers, spammers, bots. However you can stay safe on twitter by practicing a few simple steps

1. Use an alpha-numeric password and do not forget to sign out and clear cookies when you are closing the browser.
Otherwise your account could be hacked.

2. Check the “Connections” you have authorized to your Twitter account.
This can be done by Logging on to twitter-> Settings->Conections.
Revoke access to the applications which you did not authorize or suspect.

3.Do not blindly trust and click on the short urls that you see on twitter.
They could lead to malicious or phishing websites

4. Direct Messages can be dangerous too. Recently, the “I saw you on this blog” DM was wrecking havoc and was being sent to many users from their followers.

5. Remember that twitter has an option to report spammers, block users. Use it as a last resort if you are being spammed by a twitterer

6. Use free services such as to check whom you are following and who is not following you back.  Friendorfollow does not require your Twitter password or Oauth access.

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