How to keep your computer secure?

There are plenty of free softwares available to keep your computer safe and free from viruses,spywares etc
So what do you need to keep your PC clean, here are my suggestions

1. Anti-virus: The mainframe protection for your computer, should prevent viruses and most spywares in real-time.
Use only one Resident anti-virus as multiple anti-virus softwares will conflict with each other and crash your computer.
Suggested AVs: Avast Home edition, Avira Personal, AVG free antivirus.

2. Firewall: You also need a good firewall to protect incoming and outgoing connections.
Windows XP firewall was embedded to the registry and is prone to powerful malware attacks.
Use only one firewall, usually other firewalls can disable windows firewall when you install them, otherwise you should disable it personally.
Suggested Firewalls: Comodo personal firewall, Online armor firewall, Outpost free firewall, PC tools firewall

3. Spyware remover: You should use atleast one on-demand spyware removers for manually scanning for spywares,trojans,malwares atleast once a week.
Suggested Spyware/malware removers: Superantispyware free, Malwarebytes Antimalware free, Spybot Search and Destroy, Spywareblaster, Hazard Shield

4. Use a secure browser: Use a good browser and keep it updated to the latest version. Despite many rumors, IE 8 is much more secure than IE 6 and IE 7 which have security holes.
Suggested browsers: Internet Explorer 8, pera 10.51, Firefox 3.6.3, Flock,2.5.6,etc.

5. Host Intrusion Prevention Software: A good HIPS software is a must to monitor changes to your system. It can warn you when programs make changes to the registry and can protect you in real time from any malicious softwares.  Suggested HIPS software: Threatfire is good, can be installed alongside any antivirus/firewall.Winpatrol free is also good but doesnt have realtime protection.

My PC’ security combination:
Norton Internet Security 2010/ Superantispyware Pro/ Threatfire for resident protection.
Spywareblaster/ Malwarebytes Antimalware free/ Spybot S&D (without teatimer)and Hazard Shield

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